Yahaha! You found me! Welcome to my little space in the web! This is just another passion project of mine I keep slowly developing when I'm not doing commissions or 3D stuff. This is my space. Feels weird to say that in this world of social media where no place feels like home. I made this web to change that! Feel free to explore!

Feel free to leave a message in my guestbook below!


This website is made with desktop display in mind, i'm so sorry but i don't know enough CSS to make things responsive!

Todo list!

  • Add a screenshot history for this web
  • Add a blog page. Maybe use zonelets for that??
  • Finish the logo!
  • Add links page


03-07-2024>> Added a basic gallery for my art, a page for my writting and one for 3D art as well!

16-06-2024>> Added a todo list and a guestbook! Feel free to comunicate with me!!!

13-06-2024>> I'm trying to invest at least an hour a day developing this silly project of mine. It's taking lots of time, but I just managed to make Flex work properly and couldn't be happier. It's nice seeing something you're creating coming to life.

11-06-2024>> I kept investigating and found Goblin-Heart, which got me the inspiration to rebuild everything in HTML and CSS.

07-01-2024>> I found about Zonelets and started to host a page by Neocities.